1. Finally got around to uploading all our photos from our PAX East demo! Such a wonderful turnout all around. Plus, it was pretty sweet to hang out under a giant Finn head all week.

  2. Big news, and a bit of a change.

    Hello again, backers and Bunny-lovers! Today we bring you our biggest news since our funding.

    First of all, we have decided for various reasons that the name of our game must be changed. But fear not, for the change is now a welcome one for us. We are pleased to announce our new name, “Run With Bunnies”.

    And our second little bit of news is something we’ve been incredibly excited to share with you all.

    Our game now has a publisher, and it is none other than the one and only:

    Cartoon Network Games

    We are thrilled that this project can now really live up to our dreams and reach the masses. With all of your help, we were able to get attention, and are now on our way to creating the best and fluffiest game we can. We are packing as much indie-cuteness and originality into this game as is humanly possible, and we now have great support and big plans for the future.

    Thank you all again so much for helping us to achieve our goal and beyond. The thanks cannot be given enough, which is why we can’t wait to finish this game and get it out to all of your ready-to-bunny hands.

    -Team Krinoid

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